Saturday, February 04, 2017

Perfect Rainy Saturday

There are a LOT of  rainy days around here. Yes, that's WHY it's so very green, lush and gorgeous in the spring and summer. I get it. Honestly, I understand. I totally love this area - but HEY - it's GRAY and WET here this time of year....and I can't help longingly watching the weather maps and thinking I'm SOUTHERN at heart - or NORTHERN as in ALASKA where you can see the STARS, MOOSE and NORTHERN LIGHTS at night in the winter. ::snort::

I choose joy. I play Boo Yay. I do. Really. BUT I am finally realizing, the gray, overcast, rain is a struggle for me.  Today was Saturday. A GREAT day to go to the coast, or hike a new trail or visit a park....except it was RAINING.

We packed into the little car and headed to the PUBLIC LIBRARY! Perfect! Stacia was three when we moved to Japan. We had a beautiful Japanese library we could use. The drawback, of course, being none of us read Japanese. There was a very small base library. We moved to Beale and the libraries on and off base were also small.

THIS library is big! It's three or four stories tall.  Here is Stacia climbing another floor - on our way to the Adult fiction.  Can you imagine how much fun it would be to slide down these banisters?

We took a significant amount of books away from the fiction floor.  Stacia didn't seem impressed by all the choices. I kept trying to interest her. She kept telling me she had all the books she needed to read on her kindle. ::gasp::

Finally, I realized my gal may be more interested in a different section. We found the Young Adult section.  Nope - not quite what we were looking for either...then we found the children's section. (Being a tween has it's challenges).  I thought she'd read Nancy Drew - but she hasn't. Of course not! That was Arielle, and Krista before her. We checked out the first one and asked her to give the library selection a try. She's hooked. Nearly done with the first book already!

Rainy days are spectacular for people-watching at the  library! We observed, and interacted, with a  great cross-section of the local culture.

Our next rainy day stop was the movie theater to catch - SING.

Michael suggested we spend a gift card and so we headed to Red Robin to end the day! What a great rainy day!

Now that we're all set for the rain, it will probably be sunny this week! You'll all KNOW who to thank!  THIS is a favorite room in the home were watching - lots of windows!

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