Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday 2017

He is RISEN!

We had a 5 stage plan for the day's celebration!

Stage 1 - church with family.

Stage 2 - Prepare Easter dinner and enjoy lunch with Mom and Dad.

I KNEW BreZaak would be busy at church and Bella would be tired and cranky...and pregnant Bre would be tired, but never cranky....they invited us to Stage 4 in lieu of Easter lunch/Dinner.  (Sure enough they didn't make it home until 2 p.m.).   In the midst of discussions with Bre, I somehow got the idea that CoRielle had plans too.

I am glad I realized, while chopping veggies, the discussions had been with Bre.  Arielle hadn't chimed in. They'd also wondered why they hadn't been invited for dinner anywhere. ::snort::  I sent she and Cory a text and told them if they didn't have other plans, we'd love them to join us.  They received it in church and were happy to come after their church service. Arielle was glad we remembered, as she said, "We like to eat too." πŸ˜‚ Will and Sherri were unavailable. Nadia moved on Friday. Mikhail never responded to messages and texts.  That left us 5, Lorri, Mom, Dad and CoRielle. We enjoyed those we could be with and the time together. Mommy fail - in the busy-ness of the day I didn't get the boys or Krista contacted.
Stacia and Gma 

Lorri, Arielle and Cory
Michael gave Yuuki a ham bone. Her diet is very restrictive. We don't give her scraps. She insisted on sitting outside and guarding her bone the rest of the day. Even when we left....Lorri dog sits for us when we go to campus as pets are banned from campus.

Stage 3 - CoRielle invited us over for games. BreZaak met up with us here. 

Bella and Grandpa
Stage 4 - We all went to the college's cafeteria for Easter Dinner. I was impressed with the menu and quality of the dinner. I had veggies...others had lamb and ham. The cook plans special things for the students and tonight had Easter Eggs hidden around the building. They were stuffed with candy and QUARTERS for laundry. BreZaak and CoRielle both finished with a pile of quarters. Family helps family. πŸ˜‰

Stage 5 - CoRielle invited us back to their place again for more games, house hunting (its become a family past time to check out houses and land in Alaska online), and ice cream.

This was a very full Easter Sunday! Next year in Alaska.


Hope Bency said...

I love the picture of Yuuki guarding her bones! πŸ˜‚

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

She paid for guarding that bone. ::snort:: She was thirsty all night, which led to middle of the night trips outside in the rain AND accidents, diarrhea and then she didn't eat until Monday night. I wonder if she's learned a bit of moderation.

I love your profile pic.