Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sunny Saturday!

It hasn't rained all day! What unexpected joy! 

Stacia attended a tea party with her cousin Harmony. I enjoyed visiting Will and Sherri. Meanwhile, the boys and Michael put a bunch of stuff in the folks' attic for them, mowed their lawn, and cleaned their garage. This allowed us to put Mom G's in their garage. It can't be driven or sold until after probate is completed. They were still working when Stacia and I got to the house. 

Lorri came to help me shop for Easter's meal components. 😊We finally realized on Saturday, we should consider something a bit more elaborate than Denny's after church this Sunday.  

The effect of the drug mom is taking for cancer and the radiation is cumulative. Mom has been feeling pretty poorly the last couple of days. I knew she'd want to have dinner at her house - she's the queen of big, holiday meals.  I asked her if she'd like me to take over dinner.....this we plan to do. 

With the day's work finished, we ran to the RV for Saturday's traditional Breakfast for Dinner. This is a plan we adopted a year ago when Nolan mentioned how much they love breakfast but hate mornings. πŸ˜€

 Michael scouted out a fire ring in Dad's arsenal of garage things earlier in the day,  and the night screamed for a fire, s'mores and a chapter of Patrick McManus. It was a great day.  
Dad, Alex, Mom, Stacia, Michael, Nolan, Lorri
Have you ever used SQUARE marshmallows? Lorri purchased some for us to use a bit ago and had been saving them until the time arose to use them. Once we figured out the best way to skewer them, they worked well.

What are your Resurrection Sunday traditions?

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