Saturday, April 15, 2017

Second 2017 Penny

Bre was the first to find a 2017 penny and exchange it for a bigger and better coin. She got $5. The rest will get a dollar coin - IF they find a 2017 penny.

Stacia found the second 2017 penny.

She put it in her pocket and kept forgetting to exchange it.

I commented on the shiny coin I found in the laundry last Monday and she quickly claimed it. Michael was out of town. She put it in her pocket to show him when he got home.

Josiah surprised us with a visit, the next day was busy for her (and all of us) and culminated with Bella's birthday bash.

She put her jeans back into the laundry.

She lost the penny again.....a close search and she found it.  She exchanged it quickly - before it got lost again.

Michael enjoyed the story
Love Stacia's expression 

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