Monday, May 08, 2017

Final Night with Earl and Mary

We started our week buying plane tickets for Michael and I to fly to Alaska. We will fly up next week and attempt to secure a house for ourselves and those participating in the upcoming migration. 
Our favorite bobble head dash dog
 Then, we buttoned up Uchi and headed for Earl and Mary's. Yuuki is our guide! We moochdocked one more night in their driveway. I enjoyed the  lovely view from my windshield.

I LOVED looking out the window as I worked on dinner prep to see Stacia and Alex walking the perimeter of the back acreage. This confirmed for me our decision to take a smaller house with some land, over a mini-mansion in a subdivision. It makes me a bit nervous as we've lived in environments that are fairly uniform these past 22 years....but it's the right choice for us. I'm excited to get up to Alaska and be able to LOOK for the place that will become home.

Stacia and Alex enjoying the space

Michael went to take some things to Earl on the jobsite. Stacia made cookies. I made a roast and roasted a couple of pans of veggies....and we all enjoyed dinner and great conversation  - probably too late into the night.

Yes, if all the Gherkins weren't moving to Alaska, we'd be content to retire in Colorado.

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