Saturday, June 03, 2017

Krista at COT - Happy Birthday

Krista sent some photos. She didn't say a word. 
Krista - 2nd Row, center,short blond hair

I noticed the gentlemen in the front holding a trophy and asked what it was for. Seems their flight (group of 12) won the "Athletic Flight" of the squadron (bigger number of students) AND Athletic Flight of the entire CLASS of COT (Commissioned Officer Training).  

Krista is front row, 2nd from the left
Note the cute shoes! 
 Krista doesn't know why this photo was take - PA requested it. 

Three weeks until COT graduation. Continued prayers for rest, for her and her roommate, as she battles her cough are appreciated.

Happy Birthday, Krista. I believe this is a birthday you will long remember!

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