Sunday, October 22, 2017

Snowy Sunday - Church, Bazaar, Family Dinner, Family Devo/Prayer

Our house has beautiful windows - everywhere. This fact led a few decorating woes...but paid off this morning. Look at the views...and I deleted the ones from the nook as they looked blueish. I love all the windows - they make it seem as if you are very close to nature - from the warmth of the house. ::snort::  Even Michael has agreed curtains would block the views - and so we continue - as the previous two owners were - curtain less. We have blinds in the bedrooms and they had some on a few of the living room windows - I think due to their TV. 

Living Room Windows

Kitchen Window

Dining Room Windows
1.5 inches over night....not a lot but a respectable start 

There is nothing as exciting, peaceful and serene as an early morning covered in snow....or a late evening's  snowfall.  Here are some shots from the yard.
Side yard

back yard

Looking towards the back woods 

Guessing we won't be cooking out much longer
Along the road 
I deliberately did NOT take photos of the RV....but it seems my flash was noticed.....Izaak wondered what sort of odd lightening storm they were getting. Ah, just the mother in law outside in slippers and pj's taking photos.

"Our" mountain finally has some snow on it's face....we suspect it will never be completely covered in snow because of it's sheer face. It will be fun to watch and see. 

Snow covered range behind just starting to peek through

A funny thing happened at church. My parents were being honored for 50 years of ministry at their church. My sweet Sister in law, Sherri, texted some photos. I always turn my phone down. I have a really loud, long harmonica text notification sound as I kept ignoring texts. She sent about 7 photos. I was nonchalantly moving my foot to cover the purse where the phone it repeatedly went off. Michael was having none of it. He leaned over and said, "De'Etta - that's YOUR phone."  We were in one of the front rows. Good times. I'll share the photos in a new post.
Very thankful for my fur line Crocs
 Our church fauxpas couldn't have been too terrible. We were asked for info for the church directory and they took our photo. I think our church hunt is pretty much over. It was HARD to find a church which felt like home to all of us - but in the end, the majority of us feel at home in this church and all of us find things we love here.  We love the worship, the size, the community outreach, Pastor Shannon's sermons, the kids like the youth group....there is no women's ministry.

We met up back at the house after church (everyone goes to different churches). After I got soups going, we left Michael and the boys cleaning and we finally stole away for a GIRLS DAY OUT. I've been sorely missing outing with friends, coffee dates with friends, having people over to the house....and so has Bre. We hit a holiday bazaar at the Fairgrounds. Alaska has to have the prettiest state fairgrounds in the nation. ::wink:: Note Stacia and  my thrift finds - we look like marshmallows - but we're WARM marshmallows.
Gideon, Bre, Me, Stacia
As we walked through the exhibit, someone called out, "Hey, Bre."  WHUT? We know someone! And that's why we love living on base or in a small town.  It was her MOPS leader.

Larissa was sick and didn't come out. The youth at their church were on a camping trip (hope it was in cabins with heat) and so Jared was able to join us for dinner. Jamin, CoRielle and BreZaak were here too. Josiah is putting in lots of hours as he works up to leaving Walmart for his new job.  It is always nice to have a chance to get us all together. We're all busy during the week and can go days and weeks without seeing each other if we aren't intentional  - which is certainly better than months - but you know.

Gideon is a charmer @ 5 months

Bre "brought the Word" this evening. We continue to work through Philemon. The takeaway - "Let love speak loudest." It is a good seed to let germinate this week.
Izaak, Bella, Bre, Gideon 
Arielle is 36 weeks pregnant. She says she's had a long talk with Baby S and he's agreed to come on time. Gideon decided to come five weeks early....we will soon welcome our first Alaskan born Gherkin here in the valley - and life will change again. YeHaw!

Krista let us know this week she will be home after Christmas. 
This is a great perk on snowy days - an even 70*

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