Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Week Between

The time between Mom's death and the service was filled with the typical "business of dying" stuff that one must take care we did.

Michael and the kids arrived on the 16th of December. Stacia gets the frequent flyer award for the month.

Nate (my brother) and Heather arrived on the 17th of December.  We missed seeing them last summer, maybe it's been two summers, so it was wonderful to catch up.

Amy arrived on the 20th of December (I think).

Mostly, we spent the time catching our breath, processing what we'd been through, and being with each other.

One day Mikhail (Nate & Heather's son), Nate and our crew went to see Star Wars. I liked it, though I know others didn't. Check out this car in the parking lot....look at all the spines and such attached to it.....

If I could take a couple of suitcases from Hobby Lobby back to Alaska, I'd sell it all within hours. I love this store. Michael wonders if this would be a lure big enough to catch the big ones in Nancy Lake.....

We were all concerned for dad. Losing a partner of 55 years is tough! Over the past few years, we've gotten into the habit of playing Farkle when we are at Mom and Dad's. Lorri introduced us to the game. We missed mom, but it was good to play.

Michael, Nolan, Alex, Dad, Lorri (Cousin)
In little ways the week together passed. It was a good time. We received several offers for lodging. The thing is, I wanted to stay with Dad. I knew it was most likely my last time to stay at the house. I wanted to be near Dad. That's it.

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