Sunday, February 25, 2018

"Oh, CUUUUUUTE!" Another Sunday - Another Family Dinner

Sunday nights have come to mean family dinner. It's been fun to have the boys come out, the girls and their families come up and simply "be."  The first Sunday night of every month is planned to be our celebration of birthdays for the month.  February was full of birthdays.  I try to make the birthday person's favorite meal and dessert...with four birthdays in Feb it ended up being a dinner two chose, and 3 desserts on the night of the dinner. Then we had Jamin's dinner the following week. The big Family Celebration Dinner was on the actual date of Alex's birthday, 11 Feb. He opened gifts on 22 Feb and tonight, 25 Feb we had Alex's birthday dinner choice. He wanted a BBQ - I was thinking it might be warmer at the end of the month. LOL  

Bella wonders what the men are doing outside! 

 She's a native in the land of technology! 

"Oh, CUUUUUTE!" This is one of Bella's favorite phrases. She says it about her photos, Gideon, puppies, and most of all Benny!!!!!

Gideon loves Uncle Nolan

I am in awe of the fact that these kids will be raised near cousins. I wasn't. Our kids weren't. What a blessing for this generation. I love that Sunday night Family Dinners are becoming common place....such a blessing to be in the same spot.....I love that Krista has a heart to stay connected and sends cards and gift cards for every birthday celebration. Basically, I love family. 

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