Sunday, February 11, 2018

February's Family Birthday Celebration

We had to put off February's Birthday Celebrations - it landed today, on the 11th. This also happens to be Alex's 16th birthday. I'm not sure where the time is going.

The day began with MOOSE.  I'm curious to see what their cycles of visiting will be. They were here in the fall, rare December/January, and we are seeing some most days in February.

She's not nekkid! She has a pretty red collar. We assume the Fish and Wildlife Dept chose her to monitor her grazing patterns. She likes our yard and the general neighborhood near as I can tell. 

Love her snowy nose! 
We tore ourselves away from the moose and headed in for church.

Everyone began to show up for the evening's fun. 
Benny @ 3 months
 Bella LOVES Benny! She's in a new phase of saying "Ah, CUTE!" when she sees puppies, babies, stuffed animals...

Uncle Jamin and Benny
 Everyone gathered for February's birthday dinner. Alex had to wear the hat as the dinner fell on his birthday! It's only right. 

You can see Bella and Gideon in this one. 

The Birthday Gang
Jamin (20th), Cy (9th), Alex (11th), Nolan (8th)
 Note - all are turning 57 this year. ::snort:: 

We think of EAFB Gospel service with each birthday and anniversary! 

The day concluded with peaceful night skies. 

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