Thursday, March 22, 2018

Is It Friday Yet?

You know it's going to be a rough day when you lose the sponge in the fridge. I am not doing well with a  deficit of sleep. The kids find it humorous. 
Sponge for breakfast? Why, of course! 
Yay for Alex! His text book lists dissections as "optional," but he was intelligent enough to know if Mom has a closet full of animals in chemicals, it probably is mandatory! Score for initiative. While Stacia freaked out, he commented, "It's not much different than cleaning fish!" 

The difference being having to find various parts and label them. I'm not sure he ever determined the gender.

Stacia is becoming a pro at keyboarding. Here she works on Mavis Beacon. 

Alex spends an hour a day on the elliptical. Nolan loads his pack with 35# of books this week, and tries to walk 6 miles a day. They are preparing for a four day mountain hike in May. Stacia has been walking with Nolan.  They asked me if I wanted to come and I declined. They stopped by after walking 4 miles, and asked  if I wanted to do the last 2 miles. I did. 

We observed a few more signs of spring....there are more birds than Ravens out singing. Yuuki needs a bath after every walk (due to mud and muddy slush).  Our driveway is a skating rink - despite the hours of ice removal the guys are executing.

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