Friday, July 27, 2018

FRIDAY Visitors

I know it's summer, and YET, I am thankful Friday is here. Michael had his appointment. I stayed home from this appointment....

He got home in time for me to take the car and head to the park with Stacia. Gather, our women's group, planned to converge on a local park with picnic lunches and kids. Turnout wasn't as big as I'd hoped for, BUT, it is always fun to spend time with other ladies. I enjoyed getting to know the ones who showed up a bit more. 

One I've forgotten to mention is that Nolan is getting lots of hours at McDonald's. He agreed to work the 0500-1200 shift and that guarantees hours. We still have one car - though currently that car is a loaner from JaRissa. Nolan had to walk out to the park (outside of town) when he got off work. Poor guy.....after the picnic I had to run into town and buy some groceries - right across the street from McDonald's. The early hours are making us both a bit slow on the uptake. ::snort:: 

Since Stacia has been little I've told her to, "comb your hair - it's messy." When Krista was home at Christmas she pointed out 1/2 of Stacia's hair was CURLY. Hmmmm......I hadn't put it together. NOW, all her hair is getting curly.  I need to get her some product and I think it would be quite a bit more curly. She wasn't thrilled, but when she realized she doesn't have to comb it as often if it is curling....she was happy. Mainly, we're both happy to know WHY her hair frizzes when we comb it. LOL  Stacia continues with the countdown to her birthday!  18 days.....

One of our former Wing Chaplains, Dave Sessions, is in town. He and his grandson came over and we enjoyed dinner. Tomorrow they will go fishing with Michael, Josiah, Jared and Larissa. I didn't get pictures of them OR the picnic. I'm failing. LOL 

I did snap a photo of this group....never know who you'll see in the neighborhood. 

And look at our only Zinnia bloom - there will be a few more. I'll do better next year. Michael is telling me he thinks it is going to take a couple of years of feeding the soil before I see a lot of return for the work. At this point, we've had a few carrots and now a Zinnia. LOL 

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