Friday, July 27, 2018

Happiness is.....

...a job! We were out of the house by 0440 and Nolan was semi-alert. ::wink::

...visitors. It was nice to visit a bit with Dave this morning. 
Still no photo! 

...finding a new home for  Helga  Hitler with Maddie. I'm convinced Maddie is a chicken whisperer. We're hoping removing one of the two roosters will help with the crazy, one-upmanship-crowing every morning. At the most we want one roo for 10 hens...and I really didn't want any this first year. As this one left, I began to worry about 5 others. Is it possible I have 5 more roosters? Some of them look so suspicious, but none of them are crowing. They will be 4 months old on Aug 10th? Eggs within a month. I've been told around 5 months. 
Look how calm that rooster is! bunnies! CoRielle added a mama rabbit and three 5 week old bunnies to their enterprise. They are SO cute! with family and friends. I received a text that the fishing party has caught "lots" of fish. This translated to 10 for Michael and Alex, 5 for Dave and Davey, Larissa caught her first Alaskan salmon, Cy took 1 home and Jared caught 3.  None of my guys took cameras, so I grabbed these from facebook. 

The 15 in my garage awaiting smoking
Josiah simply belongs in Alaska! 

Larissa's first Alaskan Salmon!!! 

Jared - Larissa 
 Behind the beauty...Alex is dragging out another....
Larissa, Alex and their fish 
 Josiah, Michael, Dave and Davy 

Michael fighting one in while Cy stands ready to assist. LOL 

...exploring the quaint downtown of your own HOMEtown. We found some fun consignment shops, an art gallery, a bookstore, a flea market....and then it was time to pick up Nolan from work. 

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