Monday, May 17, 2021

Garden in May

Thus begins the Garden 2020 - it takes a bit of faith to try to do something as normal as gardening in 2020.  I love watching the little shoots push their way through the dirt....

May 10th

May 11th - the old timers say to plant when the birch leaves are as big as squirrels ears. Others say to wait until Memorial Day weekend as one can never count on frost free evenings until that point.  The leaves are THERE...and it's getting hard to resist planting in the beds that are ready....

Krista and I went to a plant sale at the high school. I bought two beautiful fuchsia's for the front. I've NEVER grown these - but I love the colors and this is a partial shade spot.

Moving  these in and out is getting old...and I need space for more starts. Next year I will build some sort of growing set up with more space and lights...but this is working and the priority this year are new garden beds and fixing the greenhouse.  

Michael has a plan for covering a couple of the new beds so that the tomatoes can go outside. 

May 14th - Michael finished a couple of beds and Alex is working on the last two. 

While they worked on building beds, I weeded the two we have. I covered them with plastic and figured that would help to heat the's getting harder and harder to wait until Memorial Day Weekend - May 31st/June 1st to plant.

Another couple beds ready. The garage door panels were a free find. They are working great for beds. 

May 15th and I've moved a couple of card tables outside. The starts which have been in the greenhouse shelf are hardy enough to spend their days on the tables outside. This frees up the greenhouse shelves for new starts.  I carry everything inside at night. I am loving the color GREEN. 

Zucchini can always be counted on to grow. 

Dreaming and planting for pickles. 

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