Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Josiah Proposed to His Girls

The all-star, big event in May happened on THIS day. We KNEW an engagement was on the way, but we waited, patiently. Josiah talked to Jerry, Carrie's father. He kept their talk secret. He ordered the ring he wanted for Carrie as it wasn't made in Alaska.  

Meanwhile, Jamin and Josiah visited the Eagle River Nature Center to find the perfect location for the proposal....AND the spot where they wanted family to hide. CyRi (JoSIah and CarRIe) would arrive and begin a leisurely  hike. Jamin and the rest of us would meet in the parking lot 10 - 15 min later and quickly walk to the meeting point. 

Reno leads the way 

All we needed was the RING, a NICE DAY, and all of us to keep it a secret until everything arrived. It was HARD not to put Carrie out of her delightful misery....but all knew this was a surprise that would be well worth the wait. 

Finally, the ring arrived on the 24th. The weather was GORGEOUS and Josiah knew better than to wait too long or the weather could change. And so on the 25th of May, Michael, Dad, Stacia, Allie and I met up with Jamin, KrUke,  and Jerry and Pam (Carrie's parents) in the Nature Center's parking lot. 

We rushed to our places. Yes, they were there, our timing was spot on...WHAT Josiah was walking towards US...we were supposed to be hidden. Willow was acting up and distracting him.  We watched from a distance as Josiah proposed to Carrie. 


And then he proposed to Olivia. He had purchased a beautiful necklace months ago with three silver hearts on it to give her on this occasion. Watching Josiah with Olivia takes me back 12 years when he would dance Stacia around on his feet.  We are so thankful God brought Carrie and Olivia into Josiah's life. 

Carrie shares it all so sweetly - let me share her words: 

I was not expecting this tonight!!! In fact, I was so surprised, I peed in the woods on the way to the engagement spot!

🀭 thankfully, our families were hiding in the woods further away! πŸ˜‚
Josiah proposed to both Olivia and I and we couldn’t be happier!!
Since Josiah came into our lives, we have both felt such a comforting calmness. He has stepped into the father roll for Olivia with such Grace and patience.
He prays with us every night, brings Olivia to school/daycare when I work and sends “good morning beautiful!” texts daily!
He has accepted me... all of me and shown me more love and appreciation than I knew possible.
He makes me feel like the most beautiful person in the world and finds it endearing that I cry at everything.
Olivia and I are so happy & so so thankful!!
We love you FOREVER, Josiah!! πŸ₯°

We hung out and took a few photos before heading back to the parking lot. Michael had waited with GG in the lot. He didn't want to take the wheelchair and it was too far for him to walk. 
CyRi (a new blog name)

Get used to it, Livie. 


The walk back was much noisier...
Our two engaged couples 

Cy had brought out all the fixings for Root Beer Floats. We met up with Michael and GG and celebrated at a picnic spot their on the grounds. 
Jamin did a great job getting us all where we were supposed to be!

Pam and Jerry - Carrie's parents

Glad Krista and Luke (KrUke) could join us

GG, Jamin, Me, Livie, Cy, Carrie, Pam
Jerry, Allie, Stacia, Krista, Luke

Olivia, Josiah and Carrie (CyRi)

Well done, son. We began to fall in love with Carrie the Sunday she joined us for lunch at Pizzeria Delphi. She gave HUGS and I KNEW she was "our kind of people." LOL  The conversation flew back and forth touching on Air Force life and  shared experiences.  I think Carrie was comfortable chatting with the Chaplain and we are happy to share the Air Force connection with her and Olivia. She'll understand your childhood wanderings. The picture was complete when we met Livie a few weeks later.  Carrie and Livie have become family in the past year and we are excited you have proposed to your girls. 

The wedding is set for August 28th and will be here in our yard. 

Just one more confirmation of the great things God had in store for us when we began that Gherkin Migration four years ago. 

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