Thursday, December 24, 2020

Happy Christmas Eve

Having Covid and 6 weeks of quarantine put a crimp in our Christmas time table.  I went to bed knowing  TODAY I would need to pick up more stocking stuffers, finish making gifts, take said gifts around, prepare for Christmas dinner, make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake, make a stable/star and such, attend communion and a candlelight service, and care for Dad. 

Silent Night....the memories

Stacia offered to make the cake - see previous post. 

Krista called me at about 6:30 a.m. and was at Fred Meyers. She picked up the few groceries and gift items I needed. Michael got up and offered to take me to all the stores I needed to visit. I told him that was done and set him to writing cards. 

I shared the kitchen with Stacia. We love to give a small gift to friends and neighbors...covid being what it is...our plan was to give out a small Advent devotional rather than homemade things. The problem is we were locked down tight when the books arrived, and by the time we were let was so late in the year no one would have appreciated the book. We are READY for NEXT year...don't buy this book if we typically give you a gift. LOL 

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I took stock of what I had in my pantry and what was on the shelves locally....We decided to make a couple kinds of drink mixes and some caramel corn. Even THAT was a challenge. The original plan was to find jars, cover the lids with fabric, ribbons and labels....couldn't find jars or tins...and then I needed tea to make Chai Tea mix....and I couldn't find all the tea we needed...but we got it popcorn in the tins, less drink than planned...Michael found these containers...filled with a a bag of Double Hot Chocolate mix and Chai Tea mix, topped with a water tower ornament we purchased from Carl's Creations and they were good to go.....CARDS....lovely, meaningful ones from Michael...and the ones I did were not quite so thoughtful - but all are HEART FELT. We love the community God has led us to join. 

Michael and Dad left to deliver gifts. They managed to get most of the gifts on this side of  town done...we'll have to deliver the next town over on the 26th. 

I filled Christmas stockings and wrapped a few gifts while they were gone. We got a LOT done - the essentials. 

They got back in time for us to make it to church. Pastor and Lindsey served communion to individual families in lieu of our usual Christmas Eve service.  None of our extended family were out this year, and Nolan was working, Krista was celebrating with Luke's family...and so...we were a small group - but it was meaningful. We did miss the service with all the grands and kids out.  

We headed over to Gateway Christian Fellowship/Sophia's Cafe for their candlelight service. We sang Christmas carols, watched kids in costumes, took communion,  and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  It was a great way to end a busy day. 

BTW this is an odd angle of Dad. He's actually lost much weight....he is down from a size 40 to a size 36 waist....I am NOT starving him, but since he's moved here he isn't doing daily doughnuts, McDonald's Breakfasts and lunches at diners. ::snort:: Since I don't eat sugar (pre-diabetic) there are lots of sugar free options and treats for him to choose from instead of his typical doughnut. He'd lost 36 lbs before surgery and another 15 lbs after surgery. Post surgery his appetite is quite diminished. His mind TELLS him to load up, but he simply doesn't eat much. We all agree this is healthy for his blood sugars and heart,  he looks good and feels better.  It should level out soon - and if not there are always ensure shakes and fat bombs. 

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