Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday Afternoon

 There were only 4 of us going to church this Sunday from our home. Stacia needed to stay home with Millie. Nolan was working.  It was a good message on surrender and awe...much to chew on.  Allie pointed out to me Bre, kids and Alex were in the back....Alex caught up with us for lunch. He is surely enjoying his driver's license. 

After lunch Arielle and the boys stopped by to visit. It seems most were content to lay around....Benny came inside with a handful of strawberries. He remembers from last year. Fairly amazing as I've not weeded the strawberry patch and it is full of cottonwood and dandelions. He remembered. 

I need to research what to do with these. They grow fairly wild. They are sweet and TINY. There are a lot of them...maybe I need to thin them out somehow....anyway I went out with Benny and we foraged more more strawberries. I showed him how he wants them all dark red for the sweetest berries. The problem is the birds and animals get to them if we wait for them to be perfect. LOL 

Next, Benny headed to the garden with me. I wanted to show him how it was growing. He was very skeptical when I told him we could eat the "rashes."  

"Roots? You eat the roots?" ::snort:: 

The cauliflower is just starting to put on tiny will be a race this year to see if we get food to EAT, but the garden is serving a purpose anyway. LOL Therapeutic. 

We checked in with Papa and he said we could feed the chickens. These chickens are spoiled, but we like having them around. 

I made some yummy kale chips in the air fryer - fresh from the garden. I seem to be the only ones who likes them. 

Benny took a bunch of radishes home to give to Bella. Bella is the one who planted the radishes with me. I need to thin them out and am waiting for her to visit to do the job. 

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