Monday, August 09, 2021

Benny Helps me Hunt for Chicken Candy (aka slugs)

I love being a Boy Baachan - like a boy mom but better!  Today, after our date, I asked if Benny could help me with a special job before they went home. Arielle agreed.  I took a few minutes to explain and Benny was excited to help. It's rained all day but we had a clear patch to get out and take care of this. 


What is he doing? Picking slugs. Yep, of all the ways to deal with them, this is the one I could do without going to the store and it seems the least invasive. He was thrilled to hunt for them, point them out, and grab them. 

📷 by Arielle 

I told them they were like chicken candy and he was happy to find lots for the chickens.  We also took the time to pick some radishes, sugar snap peas, 2 kinds of kale,  swiss chard, cucumber and cauliflower to send home with him.  

Benny thought it was pretty special  he was "working" for  food for the family.  

He was quick to tell his mom I fell in the garden. LOL 

Dad went out to eat and up to Hatcher's Pass with Walt and Judy this afternoon. What a fun outing for him. 

Stacia and Allie are busily working on new school routines. 

Stacia continues to work on her sewing project. Allie and I snuck out to buy a few birthday surprises for Stacia's upcoming birthday...and to look for elastic. We didn't have luck - think we'll have to drive to Wasilla. 

Dinner. The first of 2021 salmon made it's way to the table. 

We ended the night with a visit with Walt and Judy. 

I bought Epsom salt and I've been collecting egg shells to get out there in the garden and try to stop the slugs. . . and I'll continue to hunt them for the chickens. 

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