Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Reception - Part 3

As the wedding concluded Josiah, Carrie and Olivia left with the photographer. 
πŸ“· Carrie's Facebook


These guys were left with the charge of getting the BBQ going. Krista got food on the table. Stacia brought out the cake and cupcakes she had made. 

Michel, Jared, Steven, Jamin 

Steven and Michel are friends from our time in San Angelo, TX. Their Dad was the boy's Sunday School teacher for years. Steven shared an apartment with Jamin and Jared in college.  It really was great to have the whole Harding family in for the wedding. 

πŸ“· Larissa

πŸ“· Larissa

πŸ“· Larissa

So elegant! Stacia's second wedding cake

Our two lovely daughter in loves - and Jared and Josiah

Stacia and Cake

Guest Book

We visited, ate and played Frisbee golf.

πŸ“·Larissa - check out Carrie's shoe attire - Xtra Tuff!

Before we knew it the guests were gone and Josiah and Carrie were pulling out of our driveway. Livie spent the night with us. There was a sweet photo of her and I walking away hand in hand...but I don't know where it is. LOL 

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