Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Wedding Ceremony - Part 2

The door opened, Jerry (Carrie's father) and Livie headed down the stairs.  All eyes turned to the house. Carrie stood at the top of the stairs. 

Jerry, Carrie, Olivia

It was such a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. It was AUGUST 28th - that's LATE for Alaska. It's nearly a miracle we had TWO outdoor weddings in Alaska and it didn't rain for either one! 

Josiah read his vows to Carrie. 

Carrie read her vows to Josiah. 

I KNEW this was coming and it was still tear inducing. Josiah knelt down and you could hear every woman begin sniffling. Josiah vowed to be a godly father for Livie.  It was such a picture of redemption and restoration of dreams.  I believe this is the first wedding of our kids which had me crying.  

📷 Carrie's Facebook

Mr. and Mrs. and Olivia too!

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