Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Morning of the Wedding - Part 1

We had a wedding, nearly 4 months ago now. Big events stymie me. I get writer's block as I know I want to capture the day, but I'm often not sure how to communicate the emotions, how vulnerable I want to be as it IS a family journal, but it is public. I need TIME to sort through hundreds of photos and select the best ones.   Looking back on the blog since we moved to Alaska, I note that Aug - Oct often haven't shown up on the blog, or they are back dated...I should have known a wedding in August was going to take me some time to blog....I still have harvest festivals, garden and birthdays from 2020 to blog. ::snowrt:: Fall is busy here. BUT I'm determined to end 2021 "current" on the blog, and working on past years....

On this cold day in December, the fire is burning, relaxing music in a coffee shop is playing on the big screen, Grandpa is napping, the girls are doing school and it's the perfect time for me to BLOG this wedding. 

Josiah and Carrie's (CyRi) wedding.  Come to think of it, Olivia refers to it as "Our Wedding." My heart is full. I still can't think of the words to express all the feels and emotions this day brought to our family. I could not be happier to welcome a daughter into the family as I am to welcome Carrie and Olivia. God took many apparent dark and raveled threads to weave together this beautiful story. Yes, it's a story of romance. However, I can't help seeing redemption in this story. God has been so faithful to all three and today God creates a new family. We stood in awe. 

πŸ“· Carrie's Facebook

BUT before the wedding....there was wedding prep the morning of the wedding. We were surprised when CyRi asked if they could have the wedding here. We don't have a manicured yard.  The day dawned and it was time for Larissa (our other daughter in love), Debbie, the girls and I to create Carrie's vision outside. We knew what she wanted.  Did I tell you this gal thrifted her wedding? AMAZING...she and Krista may have to vie for the title of Gherkin Thrift Queen. πŸ˜…

Larissa prepared balloons to mark our home

Looking good

Tables all set up...

So cute...

Each table was a bit different 

Everything was set when Carrie and Livie arrived. It was fun to have them getting ready here. It was an honor to be able to be quite involved in a son's wedding (doesn't always happen that way). 

Make up 

Liv gets her dress on 

Carrie's  a beautiful bride

The guys mill around outside...I love this photo...Cy walking away deep in thought, Jared on the other side of the yard in conversation but keeping an eye on Josiah. I love these Gherkins. 

And then, the people began to show up! Nolan and Alex did a great job of parking all the cars into our driveway. 


Show time! Carrie walks out of the dining room to cross the deck, down the stairs and meet her Dad and Livie.  The ceremony is starting. 
πŸ“· Carrie's Facebook

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