Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Lovely Dinner Invite

We received a lovely invitation to Luke and Krista's for dinner. This is our first dinner invite since their wedding. As we pulled on to base and drove around looking for their housing area, we noted CoRielle behind us. We hadn't realized they'd arranged a family party. CyRi arrived shortly after us. They had been a bit delayed due to a tire situation.  It was fun to have dinner and relax with these two newlywed couples we all love so much. 

Danny and GG

Krista giving a tour

Danny's new tricks

Danny and Cory

 Danny discovers stairs...
Hmm...I could probably climb this.

Yeah, let's try it! 

Stacia wasn't as convinced in Danny's ability. Thankfully, he didn't see her reaction. LOL 

Piece of cake 

New uncles are great things! 

Obviously catching the blur of Livie was a challenge! LOL 
Livie, Cy and Carrie

Reno and Livie entertain us

It was a great evening. We are so blessed Krista's first assignment is just up the road. Thanks, Krista and Luke, we had a great evening. 

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