Tuesday, December 28, 2021

WSA CGO of the Quarter

 Every quarter across the Air Force each base gives out awards for the best performance in a multitude of categories.  Each group's winner will compete at the wing (base) level.  

Today, Krista was notified she has been selected as the Wing Staff Agency's (WSA)  Company Grade Officer (CGO) of the Quarter. Her package will now compete against all the other CGO winners across the base. 

Krista has presented 61 suicide prevention trainings and another 40 that she oversaw. She has done 38 sexual assault prevention response trainings.  She has lots of counseling hours, written a zillion religious exemptions, led a service, planned and executed many resiliency events for the med group, coordinated and helped lead funeral training for both the Air Force and the Space Force, planned and executed a parenting retreat and I know there are many details I have forgotten. 

I asked for a photo....

We are proud of Krista! This is quite an accomplishment for a new chaplain. She's been busy the last 7 months. 

A fun side note - Krista is well known and loved in the Med group. She spends quite a bit of time in her unit and at the hospital. One day a volunteer at produce co-op asked me if my daughter was an active-duty chaplain.  She had noted the same last name before Krista got married. It was fun to see Krista through the eyes of one of med group. 

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Joy said...

Congratulations Krista!