Sunday, January 02, 2022

Stormy Sundays

 We went to bed last night with no power. Michael stayed up until 6:30 a.m. feeding the fire, our source of heat. 

The power was on when I got up. It went out within 30 minutes. I sat in the dark for a bit. Then I decided to light a lamp.  My thought was to pay our bills, but I needed the computer and there was no power for the router. 

 We still had no water so I began to melt snow to get the water for the animals. I got a bigger pot and it took three of them to get what I needed. I also made a piece of toast on the stove. LOL 

The power came back on around 11 and has flickered on and off but mostly stayed on. It is wild here. The sound of the wind is getting old. The doors and windows rattle. At times it sounds like a baby crying, or whistling, and at other times like an approaching train. Millie has gone crazy trying to protect us from all danger today.  The advisory has been extended to tomorrow. 

Inspired by a couple in our neighborhood who take a daily walk - regardless of the weather - I decided to do the same this year. I was NOT going to have my goal smashed on day 2 of the year. I decided I could at least go to the end of the block and back - 1/4 mile. I was feeling pretty smug as I started out. It was 4* and it felt much warmer to me than it has lately....but that wind chill factor they mention - whew - I felt it when I turned a corner. Next I noticed a creaking sound and decided it was trees. I slid my way back home...1/4 mile. I need to buy some yak tracks so I can wear my New Balance instead of snow boots. 

The power came back on and I raced for the shower. These disbelieving young adults didn't think it would stay on....I took an RV shower and got out with power still on. Next, I flushed all toilets. Then I filled all buckets with more water...and some drink containers. I am prepared if we lose power again tonight. 

Look at this brilliant flower! Two blooms. I am guessing we'll get four blooms. 

I have been trying to make a chewy sugar free cookie. I use monkfruit - they are always dry. THESE worked.  I suppose there is a bit of an aftertaste, but they are sugar free, and Dad keeps snitching them (he doesn't know they are sugar free) so I know they are good.  I need to write down the recipe before I forget what I did. Tomorrow. 

Even though we had power we spent the afternoon in the living room, mostly reading. Stacia is reading "A Separate Peace," by John Knowles, Michael is reading "Spawn of a Recluse," by Stacia, Allie is reading "Maze Runner," by James Dashner, Alex is playing video games, Grandpa is reading the newspaper, I am reading "Enemy at the Gates (Vince Flynn series)," by Kyle Mills and Millie is reading over our shoulders. 

It was nice to spend a quiet afternoon together even though we DID have power. No one was rushing to turn on the screens...well, I guess Alex was on a screen, but he WAS upstairs with us. 

Michael ran to the church to drop off some heaters for Shannon and Lindsey, while I made some yummy cauliflower soup and Allie made quesadillas. The girls have to taste test for me. It seems since covid I don't taste the finer hints of spices. I kept putting nutmeg in and couldn't taste it. They finally told me it was ENOUGH. Salt is about the one spice I taste well. LOL

We are going to attempt an episode of, "Lost in Space." Last time we tried this the power went out for hours and hours. LOL 

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