Monday, January 03, 2022

And so begins another week....

When I left off last night, we were going to watch an episode of Lost in Space...which we did...and the power promptly went out. It seems to do this just as we sit down to watch TV.  Sunday nights are ALWAYS ice cream nights - for as long as we've been married. No dinner - just ice cream. Who knows why?  Anyway - Michael and the girls were not about to let a little thing like no power derail the tradition. 

The power was out most of the night. I think it came on a couple of times - briefly. Michael is a champ and kept the woodstove burning. We were toasty warm.  The power came back on at 8 a.m. and has been on all day.  The weather advisory has been extended until Wed night. 

It was odd this morning - the wind was suddenly gone. It was quiet. I went outside and all seemed still. I could still hear the train sound off in the distance, but around our home after 2 days of howling, it was quiet. I'll never take that for granted again. Our temps have dropped. 

The girls woke with energy to jump on their chores. Allie felt well enough to do hers. They also cleaned and decluttered their room from top to bottom. 

We had planned to start school today, but we lost a week or more of our vacation due to strep, surgery and allergies. It seemed good to all of us to take another week off. And then the storm...

This is an amazing 2000-piece puzzle Nolan bought Michael for his birthday in November.  It's a puzzle of a puzzle shop...and there are hundreds of puzzles on the shelves....

They finished it. 

Dad has been busy making his "Monday calls" - he wants to know just what happened at "his church" each week...and what they are doing with this and that and shares his tidbits with the next person he calls....I know more about the church than I did when I lived there.  ::snort::

The second bloom is fully open. 

We had planned to have our household gift exchange tonight, but we are under a stay in place "suggestion" and some of us didn't get out to shop - so we think we'll open gifts on Jan 11th this year. Maybe. 

Michael has put the chickens in and everyone is ready for an episode of Lost in Space...maybe the power will stay on this time. 

Should I dump our collected water out? Is the power on to stay now? 

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