Tuesday, March 29, 2022

My Time with the Guys

I have committed to watching the boys Tuesday mornings. Of course, we've missed several weeks recently....TODAY it was time for Baachan to spend some time with the guys! 
Storing up snuggles while he's young!

 Michael and I bought all the grand families subscriptions to kiwi boxes at Christmas. It's been fun to see what comes each month. This month the younger set are studying the rain forest. They made this caterpillar; it turns into a butterfly. 

Benny and I  had fun playing the game that went along with the unit study. Danny was more interested in the P90X material....start em young! 

Danny was full of cuddles after his nap. 

Isn't this dino fantastic? Their Grandma S got it for Benny. 

About a month ago Danny threw away a hairband Benny had purchased for Arielle on his Papa and Baachan Christmas date. When Arielle was telling us, Benny got a sneaky look on his face, and stage whispered, "Baachan - can we buy another one?" 

Then he looked at his mom and said, "Honey, we aren't going to buy you a hair band." 

We made plans to take Benny on a date during our next respite Monday. Then GG got sick and we missed, then they were sick, then we forgot and last week we had covid. I texted Michael when Arielle got home and asked if I should come home or get the date in with Benny? He said to go!

Benny told Arielle, "Girl, we aren't going to buy you a hair band."

"Honey, we're going to bring you home ice cream." ::snort:: 

First stop was lunch. He INSISTED he wanted mickey mouse pancakes until he saw the menu. He ended up choosing a cheeseburger and raspberry herb tea. 

We went to his mommy's favorite store and found a couple more pretty headbands.  I don't think she was surprised, but we had a fun outing nonetheless. ::snort:: I'm all for helping kids bless their parents. 

It was a full morning. It was refreshing. 

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