Monday, March 28, 2022

Sweet Animals


Is Dash not the cutest bunny you've seen? He began as Stacia's pet. She tried to rehome him when she bought Millie. We had a home for him, but it fell through. Michael and I adopted Dash. His hutch is in the chicken yard.  Every once in a while someone comments that he's an animal without a purpose. Not true. He provides magic for my garden beds....and he's much more fun to cuddle than the chickens. 

Daily escape

The chickens are supposed to provide eggs. This current batch aren't great layers, they are averaging 1 1/2 dozen a week. They HAVE weathered the winter better than any of our previous flocks, and they like being around us better.  It's been over a year since anyone has attacked my red coat or pjs. They simply stayed inside all winter. They're not adventurous in inclement weather. BUT they didn't fight and turn on each other inside the coop either. They do provide lots of entertainment and organic compost material.  We're at the point in the year where we are debating how many chicks to add to the flock. We are down to 10 hens, all over 2 years old, some at 3 or 4 years. It's also the time of the year when we let any of the hens attempt to hatch any eggs they'd like. This is how we got Pietro, our favorite rooster ever. 

Millie gives great cuddles. She is still convinced she's a lap dog. Today, I was talking with Stacia in the nook and she ran and jumped into my lap. She is the most lovable dog we've ever had....she also has the MOST ATTITUDE.  This is a good thing as Stacia wanted a dog which could run with her and provide safety. She certainly can do both those things. 

Millie LOVES to go running with Stacia and Allie. 

We had 13 hours of sunlight today and it was still dusk at 9 p.m. We are on a race to our glorious Alaska Summer. We see a bit more grass each day, but out here we still have lots of ice and snow. 

Michael and I are back to our normal schedules and feeling just a bit tired. GG is enjoying a lighter case than we fever, no dips in oxygen...just cold symptoms and already telling us he feels better. He certainly slept less today. 

Oh! Michael and the appliance repairman agree and have given up on our stove/oven ever working since Whirlpool refuses to cooperate and Sear's no longer has an appliance repair line. We will never buy a Kenmore appliance again - at least not as long as we live in Alaska. Michael has ordered a new store from Allen & Petersen's. This downdraft model limits our options. We bought Jen Air and A/P assures us they will stand behind the warranty.  Sadly, they think it will be at least a month before it arrives! We are renewing our attention on the downstairs fridge that went out a couple of weeks ago. 

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