Wednesday, June 08, 2022

A Day of Fun & Errands

 We have an exuberant Labradoodle. If she weren't quite so bouncy she wouldn't have to be sedated in order to "CHILL until the incision heals." She immediately begins to run into things, hit her head on things, when we put the cone one of the girls have been by her side to make sure she leaves the incision alone. We read suggestions to try a t-shirt on Facebook and so we are trying that tonight.  

I spent an hour in the garden this morning. I got this bed planted. I have no more beds to plant until the chicks move into the chicken coop.  I planted peas, bush beans, broccoli and zinnias in here.  I was especially happy to repurpose one of the moose damaged row covers as a trellis for the peas.  Michael has plans to use a couple of them in other places. 

The afternoon found me playing with BreZaak's kids. At one point Arielle and the boys joined us - you may remember they are neighbors. It was cooler today but it hasn't rained and it was a gorgeous day for playing outside. 
Bella on bike, Annie, Benny, Gideon  on bike

The kids had saved a kiwi box to do with me. This one was musical instrument themed. Annie put together a dancing ribbon. 

Bella made a xylophone.

Gideon made a tambourine. 

When Bre got home I ran to Freddies for some supplies Stacia wanted for this evening. A friend at youth group was having a birthday... She and a couple of others showed up early to decorate. Great fun. 

Other things which filled my day are: trips to the library and post office, rides to youth group and work and I even found time to read a chapter of a new book while I waited for youth group to end. 

Off to bed.... 

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