Saturday, June 11, 2022

Summer - in Full Swing

 The week has raced at a pace faster than opportunities to blog.  If a picture is worth a thousand words these should help to keep pace. 

In the midst of all the rush and work - it's heavenly to snatch a moment or two to rest in the trees. 

Or rest on the couch while prepping for an exam. 

We may hit $6 up seems to go up by leaps....

I'm always worried when I see garden pictures of others harvesting as we are are just starting to plant. I always hope things will produce - they didn't last year. I'm ahead this year...but still wondering if we'll have lots of green with no produce. Ah well, the chives and cabbage will be ready before fall. LOL 

Millie has never been as sedate. 

The broccoli has a long way to go, but it's out of the greenhouse and into a bed. 

Liv is sporting a new hair cut! 
📷by Carrie

EVERYONE loves Bre's cookies and bars, and Jojo will go great lengths to snatch a taste! It looks like he has the climbing ability of big brother Gideon.
📷by BreAnne

We've had our first rain in weeks this week. It's nice to have an excuse to sit inside with a hot drink and  a book or movie. 
This drink is 100% SUGAR FREE 

Luke and Krista surprised us with a visit. 

Millie is feeling much better. It is nearly impossible to "keep her from jumping and bouncing" at this point. I'm hopeful they didn't really mean two full weeks of laying around. We're focusing on keeping her from getting at the incision and staying as quiet as we can keep her.  The sedatives have allowed us to catch pictures of her. 

WHAT???? This is what we usually see when new hens begin laying...but I found it in the chicken yard with the OLD hens.  The youngest in there is 2 years old. Could one of them just have begun laying? Or do they get smaller as they near the end of laying? I've not noticed this before. Odd. 

Much life this week - not much blogging time.  Dad got an infusion on Thursday. He didn't feel good after but I think he's starting to perk up. We shall see. He'll get another one this week.  Allie finished week two of her new job. Millie was spayed and is recovering - that covers Stacia's week as well. Bre had a birthday. Nolan finished another 3 credits for this semester....some went to Colony Days... others have been unpacking and settling in...caregiving...gardening...moving church classrooms...
The gang at the Colony Day Parade - Cory, Bre, CyRi
and grands📷by Arielle

...camping and salmon fishing...
Livvie and Cy 📷by Carrie

Josiah made a quick trip to Seward after the parade and caught his limit in just under an hour! Izaak reported the same when he dropped by with fresh caught salmon. 
Josiah 📷by Carrie

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