Saturday, July 23, 2022

Day 2 - FISH CAMP 22

Household Day's total - 46
Group Day's Total 102
Trip Total - 160 
Household total - 61
Group Allowance - 315 (We will NOT catch this many!)

There you go - I'll put the fish totals at the tops of the posts....for those who want just the facts. Keep in mind this is SUBSISTENCE fishing and is only for Alaskan citizens. These are the totals set by the state Fish and Game.  Our goal is NOT the total 315...but with supply chain issues and the cost of everything rising...this will be incredibly helpful - AND it's HEALTHY. 

The fire is greatly appreciated on 37* mornings. Danny is not sure what he thinks about the whole "tent thing" afterall....but Arielle thought ahead and brought plenty of blueberry muffins. 

Everything is better with blueberry muffins. 

It's SO MUCH warmer in the sleeping bag! 

Nothing better than camping breakfast to get a day going! 
Carrey and the kids 

Oh, yeah! Danny is definitely waking up! The day is looking brighter. 

The girls pulled out the treats for the kids from Bachan and Papa's Treasure chest... LOL Actually these were slated for Friday so maybe they got them Friday night....On second look I think they got last nights and today's at the same time. LOL 

Benny's love language has to be least giving and quite possibly receiving. 

Kids of my heart...

The morning was spent filleting and sealing last night's cleaned catch.  They are now resting in the freezer. What a great way to begin a fishing day! 
Nice fish! Krista, Cory, Alex

Cy, Luke, Cory, Alex...

Jerry, Carrie's Dad and Alex

Armed with paper towels and bags this crew packages what the others have filleted. 
Maria, Allie, Stacia, Arielle

Danny moved from Arielle's back to overseeing their sealer. 

Liv enjoying the animals around the "Ranch". 

Uncle Luke and Livvie

I began to see text traffic that they were being turned away at the parking as they tried to get to the beach for today's tide. In the end they parked on a bluff and walked down....and then Arielle and Maria drove around until they could find parking, while the others started fishing.  Without further ado here is a photo dump of an Alaska Day on the Beach. 

Jared and Jamin (being buried alive) came down to fish for the day. They must have done some fishing as I hear they are satisfied with their catch and heading home. Allie will come home with them as well. 
Uncles are such fun! 

Such a cheery shore crew! LOL 

Carrie and her Dad, Jerry



Carrie and Livie (Cy's gals)


Luke and Krista


A whole lot of family

Alex, Arielle, Jamin, Stacia, Allie

The family

Fun on the beach 

Krista, Livie, Arielle, Danny, Stacia

Benny helps Krista

Late breaking photos from Arielle (she was making the meal tonight and didn't get to photos earlier). 

She shared Danny's first impressions of the beach made her laugh. "He keep 'oohing' at the boats going by and was NOT impressed with fish slime! Benny loved bonking again and the added fun of beach play with Livie and Danny. " Yes, 5 years ago Benny was the only baby with is fun to have more on the beach. 

EW! Fish slime! 

Jamin, Jared and Allie are on their way home this evening. Luke, Krista, Maria, Cy, Carrie and her folks will be leaving tomorrow.  It will be down to CoRielle and our crew....I think Izaak and his friend are coming in on Monday.  The bulk of the catch is over....

*I KNOW the photos are wonky. It's got to be something about iphone and my samsung. When Maria sends photos they are clear. When Arielle and Carrie send a lot of photos they arrive as thumbnails that don't blow up. As I catch photos from FB, I'll switch them out with these. LOL 

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