Thursday, July 21, 2022

Prep Week

 As I'm blogging may not realize we have had out of state company. On Monday, the 18th, Kent and Maria moved to JBER to spend the week with Luke and Krista. This allowed us to focus on Fish Camp prep this week. I am going to load it all into this one post....Quite honestly, Michael was busy all week with prep - but as we were running on two separate tracks, I'm not 100% sure of everything he did. I do know the RV; fishing gear and people were all ready to go Friday mornings...which means we all were "doing our things." 

Monday - July 18th. We hit the ground running. I cleaned out the RV, laundered the sheets and sleeping bags while Michael changed the oil.  I also seem to remember him pulling tubs of fishing supplies down from the rafters. 

My big prep job was to check how much salmon was left from last year in the salmon freezer. While this may look significant - it really isn't. We are nearly out of canned salmon and this will can up and be used rather quickly. 

The day ended with a cleaned and empty freezer. 

Tuesday, July 19th. I headed to CoRielle's to spend the morning with the boys. We whipped up cookies. Alas, rumor has it Arielle and the boys laid down for a nap and Cory ate all the cookies. It's a good thing they did significant "taste testing" before their naps. 

I ran home and watched Grandpa while Michael ran to a chiropractor appointment. I've been trying to get the girls and I in for pedicures and it's NOT easy to get 3 seats at the same time.  It landed in the middle of prep week. I got a call saying they could only fit two of us brainer. I wanted to pamper the girls. 

Truthfully, they set me up in the massage chair, with my book and a hot drink and I felt quite pampered as well. 

We took Allie to work, then Stacia and I went to Three Bears to buy breakfast and lunch supplies for the trip. I usually shop and prep the dinner meals for everyone - but the girls are doing that this year as I'm not going on the trip. This made the shopping trip much easier. Each group is bringing their own breakfast and lunch foods. 

Michael and Alex moved the freezer into the RV. 

Wednesday, July 20th  - We didn't get a lot done towards prep today. I had a haircut in the morning, Stacia had Japanese, Allie went into work early, we had a follow up doctor appointment for Grandpa, and finally made it home. Josiah drove out and he and Michael pulled out nets, repaired them and stowed some away. 

Stacia and I made oodles of cookies for all to munch. 

Thursday, July 21st - what a CRAZY day!  It began with the girls and I at Sophia's for our ongoing study.  We ran to Freddies (Kroger) for Grandpa's new meds, and to pick up surprises to keep the kids happy even if it rains all weekend at the beach. 

 We came home and the girls packed, I loaded things out to the RV...and then Stacia and I ran across town to be fingerprinted. Yep.  We are going to be providing back up care for a foster family and OCS requires we both have background checks. 

We were leisurely moving things to the RV when my phone popped up an alert. I had forgotten we had an appointment to get our eyebrows waxed. We planned to be properly groomed and polished at the beach. ::snort::  I began yelling for the girls, causing mild alarm. Allie grabbed her uniform and Stacia quickly joined us in the van.  We called the salon and they said to come on in and they may be ale to fit 3 in...they did. 

We headed BACK to Freddies to get the girls' fishing licences...and then we had 30 min to sit at Starbucks and sip drinks before taking Allie to work. We needed to sit. I believe Stacia needed a bit less caffeine and sugar. 

Allie was dropped at work...we raced home to find CoRielle and the boys at our house. They had brought their stuff to load into our truck, and Cory helped Michael load the truck with all the "stuff", check tires etc. 

Danny decided this was his seat. 

Benny was happy to help me make the bed in the RV for papa. 

Stacia and I excused ourselves to pull together Smokey Salmon Chowder, salad, bread and cookies for a mission team that spent the week working at the church. 

And after dinner was done, the RV packed etc...I laid out the children's surprises and communicated the plan to Michael. 

It was a full week, but everything is ready. We love this week of family fun.  It all got done. Next year, I don't think we'll allow quite so many extras onto the calendar for the week before Fish Camp. 

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