Monday, July 18, 2022

Sonight Box Day

Did you miss the momentous occurrence? Sonlight Box Day across Alaska!  There was no fanfare when the box arrived at our home. I opened the door and tripped over the box....but when I brought it inside....we celebrated...we remembered...all the feels. 

It's a small box this year. One class for one student...years past we'd receive five or six boxes. This is our very last Sonlight Box Day. Contained inside this simple box is Stacia's SENIOR Classical Lit curriculum. That's it. The final credit she needs to graduate (though she is taking 4 1/2 other credits of her choosing).  Yes, this is the start of our 34th year of homeschooling...and it is the senior year of our baby. 

Her shirt: American on the outside; Japanese on the inside

Benny happened to be at the house and was excited to point out the drawings on the INSIDE of the box! 

This is fantastic! Our box becomes a shuttle! What a great way to build excitement in small ones for their schoolbooks to arrive. Kudos to Sonlight's marketing team. 

How did Benny know this? It appears it's been Box Day all over our little town. Benny's pre-school/kinder materials arrived on THEIR porch too! TWO boxes! Our very LAST Sonlight Box Day and Benny's very FIRST Sonlight Box Day.  Is anyone breaking into a rousing chorus of "Circle of Life"?

And next door to Benny, TWO more Sonlight boxes arrived at BreZaak's. Bella and Gideons 1st and Kinder materials - their second year with Sonlight! 
Annie, Gideon and Bella 

A fun tidbit? Bre (Bella's Mommy) and I REMEMBER using this book back when I was teaching itty bitty kids from Sonlight. Now the grands.... Who would have guessed?  While I was a tad bit sad to see the last box arrive, watching these grands begin their educational journey is exciting. So many memories to be made! 

I wonder if these moms are having the trouble we are having - NOT STARTING THE BOOKS UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS!  ::wink::  

When I visited CoRielle Benny was quick to show me his Sonlight box. HIS had turned into a castle...and Stacia sent hers home with him where it had become a shuttle with a bit of help from his daddy. 

Look at the faces! I love the first day of school...even though I've never been able to go out with the girls for coffee on the first day of school. ::snort:: Maybe, Mike and I will pick up a subbing gig next year. LOL 

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