Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Time with Grandblessings!

CoRielle's boys were quick to jump help me one morning this week. What the lack in attention to detail they make for with exhilaration.  Oh yeah, I remember. It's easiest to get chores done when the little ones nap. LOL 
Little Buddy and Danny 

Benny and Danny - Danny stayed the course with
the water

The broom was great fun. 

Still washing dishes. 

After work came books and play! 

Bre had an OB appointment this week and I was happy to play with their kids as well. The kids were quite impressed that neither Alaska nor Hawaii were on this globe. 

The kids talked me into getting the bag of tents out. Oy VEY. I have nothing but respect for young moms. I told them we would NOT be doing this again. LOL We did eventually get them all back into the bag. Such a small bag that explodes to fill the entire family room. LOL 

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