Monday, January 09, 2023

Our Baby is Growing Up

 Our very last baby got her driver's license! I have now taught or had an instrumental role in teaching 10 children to drive.  She had quite a few challenges. When she and Allie went to make test appointments, there was only one appointment open for November. Allie has a job and needs the license more than Stacia.  Stacia had to book out to January 5th.

No sooner than the test was booked, and winter seemed to begin. LOTS of snow...piled so high it became a driving impediment, then ice...and we had forgotten how dark it would be at 0900 in January. 

Nevertheless, she ACED the driving test! And tonight, she was able to take dinner over to Bre's house, while I stayed home and worked on our dinner! 

It's good to have another driver in the house! Her next goal is to learn how to drive her car - a manual. I have doubts about learning to drive a stick on wintry hills, but I have no doubt she'll figure it out. The first step will be to dig the car out of the snowbank it has become and to get winter tires on it. LOL 

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