Saturday, January 07, 2023

Pickle Fairies

 Stacia wrote her second book as a Christmas gift for her nieces and nephews. She spent HOURS writing, Michael spent hours editing, and then Stacia spent more hours rewriting.  She had thought of having it "really bound" but the timing and pricing were off. In the end, she took it to UPS and they printed and bound it. 

I have not read my copy so I can't tell you much yet...but I do KNOW it's 107 computer pages. And it's meant for parents to read to children. At this point we think Liv is the only one who may enjoy it...but someday the others will appreciate the love and care which went into the gift. 

It's been fun to see photos come back. She gave Jared and Larissa a copy for Noah at some point. Jared was the first to send a photo back. 


Next, we received a photo of Livie reading Pickle Fairies.

Krista took it along on one of her plane trips and read the whole thing! 

Way to go, Stacia! 

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