Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Adoption Day - Our Newest Grand Blessing

2 years and 9 months in foster care. Eleven months ago, he moved into CoRielle's home and they began the hard, long journey of becoming a family of 5.   Today, we all met at court and the adoption was approved.  The court made legal that which has happened in this sweet family over the past months. There are many memories to store away from the day....

First, may I introduce you to Charles? Little Buddy IS Charles William! Without a heart or a balloon over his sweet face! He is 2 years old. His birthday is just a month ahead of Danny's.  He has been in CoRielle's home for 11+ months...and in our hearts even longer. 

Charles aka Little Buddy 📷by Arielle

I am THRILLED to post a photo without a heart over his face. Ah, sweet boy. We are so blessed and lucky to have you in our family - forever. 

I feel like I should have lots of profound things to share but my heart is simply too full to express all I am thinking. 

Here are a few memories I will cherish from the day: 

  • Courthouse cuddles from Charles.
  • The way the cousin crew celebrated Charles' adoption. 
  • The way Charles turned into my shoulder when he recognized the social worker - may he always feel safe with us. 
  • The ease and trust Charles shows when he's around Cory and Arielle. 
  • The family all praying for Charles - and the rest of CoRielle's family.
  • And then the BIG party at their house. We had hoped for the park, but this is not a sunny day. 
And here are a zillion photos! 
Charles, Arielle & Danny, Cory, Benny
📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

Earlier in the day I stopped by Carr's for the most awesome adoption balloons they could help me find. Basically, they don't have any...but they DID have trucks and a dinosaur...and flowers and a power drink for Arielle and Cory. 

We were so determined not to be late that our household arrived before CoRielle and the boys. LOL It wasn't long until the tribe began to arrive.  I discovered the vending area was a great holding area for Charles. LOL 

Olivia and Charles

The gang is gathering behind us

Charles wants to get the show on the road! 

Benny & Roosevelt

The whole family in court

Yep, Little Buddy, we're all still here.

And then began all the official business. The kids did great. There is a lot of ground to cover. 

Best selfie ever! 📷by Arielle

We belong to Charles. 
I was going to put names in but it's simply too much!  
Luke & Izaak were at work. Bre & Kids met us later. 

We pretty much filled the courtroom. JaRissa and Noah arrived after this photo was taken. 9 of the 10 kids were there. Bre and her kiddos joined us at CoRielle's to celebrate. 

They had bumped fists but my camera delayed....

Danny and Charles love to help GG 

Shots from the party at CoRielle's

Annie, Gideon, Charles, Benny and Balloons

Noah (6 months) and Larissa 

Cy and Trudy (8 months)

Trudy and Noah

It was a big day for Charles, for CoRielle and for the entire family! 
📷by Carrie 

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