Thursday, July 20, 2023

Fish Camp 23 - Day 1

And so, it begins....Fish Camp 23. Alex is staying with GG for the next 5 nights. He came over early and helped us get everything packed up. We were grateful for his help and grateful he is watching GG so I could come along this year. We are so excited to be away together for the next 6 days. 

Cory and Arielle left with our two cars to fill up with gas and get on the road. About 30 minutes later we were ready to pull out of the driveway. The RV began to roll when we all heard a loud POP. I could tell the fear was a tire had blown.  I went in for a closer look and let everyone know it was just the old basketball. 

Enjoying the ride

The traffic was crazy today. We had our first accident to wait for before we even made it to Eagle River. Drivers were constantly slamming their breaks on in front of's not nice to do that to a big rig. We arrived safely and dropped the trailer we were pulling off with Scott, our soon to be pastor. Then we headed off to the campground and settled into our spot. We were PLEASANTLY surprised they had moved us from the pitsy spot we expected to a nicer spot and didn't charge us near what we expected to be paying for the tent in our site. LOL 

I wasn't able to find anyone to stay with Dad last year and missed the family trip. I purchased small gifts for the kids for each day. I decided to keep the tradition of Bachan's Treasure Chest...tonight the boys got little bottles of bubbles. 

CoRielle provided our communal dinner tonight. Smoked and then BBQ pork and salad. Good stuff.  Danny and Krista from church arrived and came over for dinner. They went into town to pick up a few things they needed. We got another case of water. It looks like we are going to have GREAT weather this weekend and I can tell we are chugging through water quickly. 

Josiah and Cory couldn't be this close to the river and not fish. They went in to catch the tide....a late tide. We'll all go in for the early tide tomorrow. I suspect we'll be on the beach at 6 a.m. 

While they fished Arielle set up their tent,  we cleaned up dinner, and then we took the boys to feed all the animals around here. 
So happy they ate his offering

We spent about 30 minutes at the playground next. They've added a play area for big kids too....I plan to spend more time there with the girls. 
Isn't this fantastic? 

Back at the campsite Arielle wrestled with the one point Charles escaped the tent. We were sitting visiting with Danny and Krista when we heard, "Open the door. PLEASE open the door."  We found it pretty cute - Arielle probably didn't find it so cute. 

Sgt. Andrew Winters stopped by our site. He had arrived at our last duty station after we left. He now works with Krista and is up here fishing this weekend. He wanted to meet us and stopped by. He said he feels like he knows Mike already. LOL 

Well, it's 10:20 p.m. and the guys aren't back yet. I'm going to go ahead and post this and head to bed. The morning is going to come fairly early to get us all down to the beach early. 

Note: A text from the beach says, "Cory got 8 little ones and I got 7 hogs." ::snort:: 

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