Monday, August 14, 2023

Marvelous Monday


We snuck in one more time together. Nora is joining her family in the bush/village tomorrow. The only way to fly in is on a little plane. I've begun planning how to get out and see a new part of Alaska while they are out there.  It was fun to sit and talk about a move and know as far as I can tell I do NOT have any moves in the foreseeable future.  While I completely believe our roots are in JESUS and he provided great stability in the midst of our moves...I do love this new rootedness tied to a place. We HAVE recently wrestled with realizing we'd placed a big "No, hands off" over living here...and we adjusted our hearts and are holding it all with open hands once again. That's a post for another day. 

On the way home from breakfast, I stopped and picked up more meds for Dad. If anyone would have told me how much time I'd be spending at pharmacies and doctors' offices in this season of my life I would have thought they'd lost their mind. LOL 

I spent some time at home working on a couple of ministry items. I updated our women's ministry page and spent a bit of time on the phone. 

A funny thing happened today...I began to see back to school photos. It hit me our baby graduated in the spring. I don't have any back-to-school lesson plans to gather, no curriculum to buy and since both girls are now starting in person classes, I am not going to have someone at home to watch GG so Mike and I can run out at the same time. LOL Bre saved the day by sharing photos.  These kids are excited about their first day of school. Annie told Bre she didn't want to grow up - I, myself, would like to freeze time for her. This is such a fun age. 

📷by BreAnne

Bella is in 2nd grade, Gideon in 1st grade and Annie in Pre K.
📷by BreAnne 


I finished the book above. I really enjoyed the read. I've done many of Beth's studies, and I know about the hot water she got herself was good to read more of HER story and not what others have said about her. Such a story of God's faithfulness to her through some amazing ups and downs. Quite a testimony to His goodness and steadfast love. 

Another funny thing happened today. I called everyone to dinner only to discover Michael had left the "compound."  He's done that from time to time...gets so focused on what he is doing he heads off to the next town to buy tools or parts. This time he's building a gate for our little orchard in hopes of keeping moose out. I'm excited at the thought of not having to shimmy under ropes and boards to get in there any longer. In his defense, he DID send a text. I ignored my pinging phone as I was determined to get dinner on the table "on time." ::snort::   

Noah took his first airplane ride recently. Yep, he and Daddy are going with Mommy to work in our state's capital. He's such a sweet boy! If my dates are right he's approaching 7 months. 
📷by Larissa

📷by Larissa

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