Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Tuesday Adventures

My day started out beautifully. I agreed to get up at 0700 and watch an episode of White Collar with Stacia. Stacia is working to get her mornings started earlier in preparation for the start of in person college classes - a first for her. 

I left at 0800 for my morning with the boys. It has been a stressful week for their little family, and for their church family. I told the boys the first thing we were going to do was pick up all their toys and do a bit of house tidying. I promised them a bike ride if we got done in time.  Success!

Blow this up for the cutest expressions

Danny and Charles have gotten FAST on their balance bikes. Charles loves to run and then pick his legs up and coast. They are quite the duo. Benny runs ahead and helps keep them in the boundaries. 

Go, Charles! 

Benny wanted to take me down a new road...and he showed me a secret trail! Wow the flowers!!! While I took this photo the two years olds disappeared. I could NOT see or hear them. I began calling for them.  "Boys, come find Bachan!"

Ah ha! There they are. 

Next, I tried to capture all 3 of them at once in the flowers. Oops! I forgot about Charle's balance issues. 

Benny, Charles, Danny

On the way home Danny all of a sudden jumped off his bike and began talking excitedly. He kept saying, "Bachan, come see!" and "Bachan, don't mash it. Don't mash it!" 

Danny has discovered worms. He was fascinated. I was thrilled to observe his gentle ways. Then, he stood up and stomped on it.  In that moment so many memories from being a boy mom came racing back into my conscious memory bank. ::snort:: 

I had hoped to have time to read and play with them when we got home. We had so much fun we barely got home and seated for a snack when Arielle was home. 

Allie had the day off work! We were thrilled.  We baked scones and visited. 

We made stroganoff for dinner and enjoyed having all five us at home for dinner.  We watched an episode of Almost Paradise (filmed in Cebu, Philippines) and Person of Interest. 

It was a perfectly relaxing evening. We are gearing up for a transition from online college to classroom college, from youth group to adult "stuff,"  and who knows what else. It was good to be together. 

Jared and Larissa sent this shot from their travels. Larissa usually works from home as her job is in IT. Every so often she has to travel to Juneau for a week. Jared and Noah are exploring while Larissa works. I can't quite decide what to caption Noah's expression. 
📷by Larissa

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