Sunday, March 31, 2024

Random March Snippets

 All the random shots and "things" I didn't blog about throughout the month.  ALL photos of grands in this post were taken by sweet mamas. Thanks, gals! 

March 14th and Noah shows he's an Alaskan boy by his excitement at seeing SNOW!!!! It's that time of year - is it really break up or are we due for more snow????

Noah Bear

The above photo shows I'm getting back into some sort of routine...I've gone through my first 50 lb bag of bread flour. Yes, I've tried with whole wheat, and it simply doesn't rise well. I'm going to admit right here...they aren't very pretty but they TASTE good. LOL 

March 18th - snow out the reason I'm thankful for the treadmill over outside walks. Winter - or Alaskan Spring.  It is also nice to avoid the moose and random bear. 

Willow is proving to be a great guard dog! 
Josi and Willow

I FINALLY found a protein drink I can doctor up enough to drink...but it made WAY too much to drink in one sitting (32 oz). I half it and I'm fine...stretches the ingredients out...low carb and 23 g of protein in 16 oz.  1/2 a protein drink, 1/2 C Greek yogurt, 1/2 a cup blueberries, some spinach...

Jared, Larissa and Noah (JaRissa) out campaigning!
I'd want this family as MY state senator! 

Gideon and Jojo 

Bre and kids and Joelle and kids spent a fun Sunday afternoon/evening dying and decorating eggs. Making memories! 

These two are just the cutest! 
Lucy and Trudy 

We're so glad these girls have been able to visit family in FL...soak up some sun on maternity leave. We are also glad they'll be home soon. 
Live, Josi and Carrie

As for the grieving... how in the world can such deep sadness exist with such incredible joy? I don't understand the depths of the human heart. March has been full, once again, of such sweet, sweet moments of joy...but it would be deceptive to pretend there does not continue to be intense moments of pain. The quote below is one I referred too often this month. 

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