Sunday, March 31, 2024

Easter 2024

We were invited to go to Daniel and Joelle's after church for an Easter Brunch. Joelle is a friend, Bre's lifegroup leader, and Jenni's sister.  After a quick check-in with the Gherkins, it became clear this was a year when we wouldn't all be able to gather.  Carrie and girls are still in FL. KrUke had previous plans. CoRielle are one week into postpartum.  Nolan and Alex were working. We were free to accept the invite. Bre and family, as well as Jamin, would also be there. 

As the week progressed both Joelle and Bre had children get sick. We were now down to Jenni, Jamin and our household. We opted to continue with the plans for a potluck brunch after Church and just move the location.  Since we had attended Friday and Saturday services, we would stay home and prepare for Jamin and Jenni to arrive after their respective services.  We checked in with Nolan and Alex and while they didn't want to eat, they came over when off work and spent the afternoon playing games with us. 

I woke to this!!! Michael had said we were to get 1 - 2 inches of snow. The deck was clear when we went to bed. Kids checking in from JBER, Eagle River and even Palmer were saying 1 - 2 inches of snow. I was pretty sure we had more than 1 - 2 inches of snow. 

The deck was CLEAR Saturday night! 

It IS so much prettier than muddy snow and it covered all the pet and moose waste in the yard once again. It is MUCH easier to deal with chickens on frozen mud and snow rather than muck...all in all I was fine with 7th winter arriving. We've had an Easter storm every year we've lived here.  We weren't going anywhere but I didn't want Jamin or Jenni to get to stuck. I voiced my concerns.  I told them I thought we had more like 4 - 6 inches of snow here. I checked a couple of churches in town, and no one mentioned all the we preceded with plans.

Jamin drove down after camera duty at two services in Eagle River and we discovered - it was more like 10 - 12 inches of snow here. He went out to shovel the walk clear, Michael got up and was at least 12 inches. 

This was bare gravel last night.

It got funnier when Jamin called Jenni to see if she'd like a ride from MAG to our home. I guess he told her the roads were bad. She must have been perplexed as she'd DRIVEN to MAG and the roads were fine. She said the roads were clear, snow was melting to bare ground until about a mile from our street.  By the time she reached our driveway it was clear why Jamin had texted. There was NO WAY her little car was making it down our driveway. Well, it would come down - the question was if either of their cars would make it back UP.  She parked at the top of the street until Michael and Jamin got some space cleared for parking.  We played Frakle, Splurt, and Dominion. 

Alex and I checked out by Dominion, and Allie watched but didn't play.  Neither Monopoly nor Risk were attempted. 

All in all, it was a fun and relaxing day. Millie wasn't happy with the new snow situation...she LOVES to play in the snow...she's not so happy with the little snowballs that get caught in her fur. 

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