Sunday, March 03, 2024

Sunday Snuggles

 One unexpected benefit of delayed blogging is one can sort all the pictures into categories and do a few posts rather than 30 for a month.  I spent a couple of hours last night organizing February's pictures. I am hoping I can easily do a back post and a current one each day. We'll see. 

This Sunday was a bit "odd" for us. JaRissa are under the weather and weren't at church. Stacia and Allie visited a Slavic church in town for a college assignment. They enjoyed themselves. Jamin went to the early service so he could be in the valley and go to the Iditarod start with Jenni, and Daniel and Joelle.  We drove two cars into Eagle River. We were happy to see KrUke and the kids.... I got to snuggle with Josi during church. That's pretty awesome. 

Dad, Michael and I grabbed lunch and then delivered the truck and eggs to JaRissa's home.  Our next stop was at Carrie's to visit she and the girls. 

Such a sweetheart & a little piece of Josiah

While I visited with Carrie and enjoyed more snuggles, Michael fixed the front door. 

Olivia is a GREAT big sister. She was even willing to change what we thought was a dirty diaper. LOL 
Livie and Josi

Josi and Carrie 

These girls mean the world to Michael and I. We were so happy to be able to spend quiet time with them today. It's good to be well. 


1. Holding Josi during church was bliss. 

2. Baby snuggles and sweet conversation with Carrie while Michael worked on the front door was an added bonus to the day.

3. Yummy choices within the parameters of my Lent fast. 

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