Sunday, March 03, 2024

Wedding Rings by Carrie

Note: Carrie has given us permission to save some of her thoughts here on the blog.

This week I was given Josiah’s wedding ring back from the police. This ring symbolizes a beautiful marriage that was cut short by evil. Holding this ring again for the first time since October 23rd hurt worse than I expected. It’s not how things were meant to be.

Today at church, Pastor Josh talked about the covenant of marriage and the beauty in it. He also spoke on how much BETTER everything will be in heaven...even better than what I believed was a perfect marriage with Josiah.

This is a season of such joy and grief. A roller coaster I never wanted to ride. But as my mother-in-law wrote on her blog, the tension of allowing grief and joy to coexist provides depth and dimension to my relationship with Jesus. I know Josiah is proud of me and proud of his girls. And I know that when it’s our time to join him, he will welcome us with open arms and a cheerful “hey y’all!” Until then, I will be grateful for the 2 years of beautiful marriage we shared together.

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