Saturday, March 02, 2024


We loved going to the start of the Iditarod the year we went. In recent years there was always a church business meeting and then it became hard to get Dad out to the start in Willow. We need to make plans to go next year.  This is STILL momentous in our home. When the last dog reaches Nome, we will quit lighting our outside "Christmas" lights. We will be following along with the race. 

Though we aren't attending this year the Gherkins represented... Jared was at the ceremonial start in Anchorage. 

Photo from Jared

Jamin and Jenni were also at the ceremonial start and will be at the official re-start in Willow tomorrow afternoon. 

Photo from Jamin 

I can't help remembering attending the Willow restart of the Iditarod in 2019.   Nolan, Jamin and Josiah met us after church and drove out with us. Josiah LOVED the race and the dogs. He told me he was going to race one year just to say he raced it.  Such good memories. 

Spring will come....we are one milestone closer. 

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