Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photobucket Election Adventures

Jamin called the party office and chatted with them. He set it up for me to go pick up yard signs, bumper stickers and pins. They told me to bring the sign in at night because they are having quite a bit of trouble with folks defacing and stealing them. Wow! I would think everyone would be content to simply have their own opinion and vote their conscience. Oh well. We've never had yard signs, but we do now.

Unfortunately, these were the only pins they had....none of the boys are going to wear them. LOL

©2008 D.R.G.


Chris said...

Yesterday I heard a report on the radio of one man beating another mand with a prop 8 sign, in front of a church. Things are too heated for us to put signs in front of our house or to even wear a button. It is sad.

Anonymous said...

you have an award on my blog!

Anonymous said...


Our sign out in the yard has not been bothered even though our closest 3 neighbors feel diff then we do. Tonight however we will take the sign in and etc.

I have to work a football game tonight.

Dad will be at the church parking lot for the Neighborhood Party they have each year. Hundreds of kids and parents come for the fun and games etc.

Love/PrayersMom T

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Isn't that nuts? We have to bring ours in at night, too. Most of our neighbors are "tolerant liberals" and we have to bring our sign in...