Thursday, October 30, 2008


We are hi-jacking Mom's blog for the good of our education.

We are going to have Produce co-op members vote tomorrow in the OFFICIAL G FAMILY ICE CREAM ELECTION.

Mom says we are a cutting edge type of family. We're going to have internet voting too for those who can't make it to the poll.

Please vote in the side bar. Each person in your family can pick their favorite flavor. If you don't have enough computers, leave your votes in the comment section.

We couldn't figure out how we'd know which write in you wanted with poll form, so leave write in votes in the comment section too.


Vote early - vote often! JUST KIDDING.
Arielle and Nolan

De'Etta back - with the new scheduled posting I'm not sure HOW to make a post (with comments) stay at the top of the page. Any ideas? Do I just have to continually repost this until after Nov 4th? For now I'll put the link in the sidebar note.

I took photos ~ ::snort::

The Polling Place for tomorrow's ice cream election
All ready to go!
I told them NO CAMPAIGNING for their flavor. I suggested we put their nearly completed lapbooks on is a born campaigner.... can you make out the words under "vote"?

©2008 D.R.G.


Jen said...

Write in vote: Pistacio

Anonymous said...

hey...I voted cookie dough and my vote should count for extra because I'm a G David voted cookie dough too.

see you soon.
Bre G

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

OMW - have your brain washed David or are you ice cream compatible???? ::snort:: I'll have to make sure to have lots of Cookie Dough in December. Love ya - BRE Baby.

Debbie said...

Great job, kids! I voted and will have all the little "A" gang vote in the morning.

Gigi Lynn said...

Coffee chip!

Anonymous said...

Karen in MD's family ice cream choices:
Nate - tin roof
Karen - chocolate chip
Becca - mint chocolate chip
Jonny - cookie dough (he voted on the side bar)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by your "techiness," Arielle & Nolan. Homeschoolers are amazing:)

becky.onelittle said...

Ok- I saw the note on the lapbook and I have to know- is moose tracts a flavor or is this person actually making a play on words or actual tracts to hand out to get people to vote moose tracks? hehe

My favorite- rocky road
Ian's favorite- mint chocolate chip
Micaela's favorite- chocolate
Gabriel's favorite- chocolate with white (rocky road?)
Nathaniel's favorite- vanilla wafers with white chocolate brown (I have no idea, but it's probaby just cookies mixed in neopolitan)
Asher's favorite- chwokit (chocolate)
Elizabeth's favorite- she doesn't know buy she thinks any thing would be better than baby food

Jodi said...

It would only let us vote once (mine) so here are the kids.

Trevor-Moose Tracks
Colin- Moose Tracks
Tristan- Moose tracks

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Becky - Moose TRACKS is an actual flavor though our little "campaigner" used an interesting synonym. LOL

Jodi - Arielle will be SO happy to see your children's votes! ::snort::

Gilda said...

Martin Family votes

Mom-Mint Chocolate Chip
Amanda-Mint Chocolate Chip
Jessica-Mint Chocolate Chip
Caleb-voted on Poll
Ryan- voted on Poll

Note: My children are free to vote their concious. They are in no way influenced by the bents of their parents! LOL

momma24 said...

It has to be Baskin Robins Peanut Butter and Chocolate. There is no other!!

Bethany - Choc. Chip Cookie Dough
Sarah - Choc. Chip Cookie Dough
Hannah - Chocolate
Naomi - BR Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Steven - Vanilla (seriously)

Linda said...

my husband votes for chocolate,
my daughter says that since there is no strawberry, she'll choose moose tracks (virtual tie with chocolate, but I made her choose sides) and my son picks chocolate.

berrypatch said...

All three Berry boys vote: Vanilla. ;-)

Jen said...

Two of my family have already voted, now for some more write ins

Jacob: coffeee
Jessica: Strawberry

Debbie said...

Here are the favs of the rest of the family.
Brian - Sweet Black Cherry
Gabe - Sweet Black Cherry
Rachel - Cookie Dough
Hannah - Chocolate Swirl
Dan - Vanilla
Bess is going to vote seperately.

Bess said...

Monkey Business. It's essentially the same as B&J Chunky Monkey I think.

Anonymous said...

Lois-Rocky Road
Sarah- Mint chocolate chip
Eric- Rocky Road
Steve- Mint chocolate chip

We have divided loyalties in our family. Did we just cancel out each other's votes?

Kate said...

Kate: Hagen Daas (sp??) chocolate peanut butter. I love it so much that it almost isn't worth the calories to eat any other kind!!

Jeff: Chocolate peanut butter - anything with peanut butter

Anonymous said...

Votes from my full house this evening:
Greg = vanilla
Bekah & Abby = cookie dough
Paul = chocolate
Josh & Peter & Caleb = rocky road
J.D. = all kinds, & he wants to know where it IS, this was a big mistake to bring up ice cream at 10:00 at night


Unknown said...

Sam - Stewart's brand Peanut Butter Cup (in his words, "nothing else compares) ;-)
Angie - Chocolate
Will - Vanilla
Katie - Strawberry