Monday, April 06, 2009

Sunday Recap

Last Sunday, when I was looking for winter wear at Penney's we happened on a sale of Girls' dresses at 50% off. I bought Stacia two. I have two girls who LOVE dressing up, and two who don't. ::snort:: Stacia has been waiting all week to be allowed to wear this dress.


Note the shoes (I have blue crocs to match). While she loves to dress up she hates shoes (I sympathize).


Won't someone make her stop taking photos?


After chapel, Mike stayed on base to work. The boys took this to Cy's. The rest of did things. I spent most the afternoon on the phone with PWOC ladies. We met back here at about 8:45 for dessert.


How did I break the camera? I was playing with "things" on it and taking photos of these (which either Mike or Zander bought me - depends on who you ask LOL). I had loaded the photos to the computer....and began to edit this one.....The phone rang. I came back and decided I should move the computer to a safer spot and proceeded to do so...forgetting the Nikon D 70 was still attached to the laptop.....


We now have camera dilemmas, but I'll make that a separate post so I can quickly find comments you all may leave. ::snort::

NOW I'm caught up.....I can rest knowing that family know what we did the past few days. But today....ah today!

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

That Stacia is a pistol. I'm with her about the shoes. Actually, I think the multi-color gray shoes do fine with the white and black of the dress!

And I love her short hair. She's a pixie :0)


Linda said...

I LOVE that dress! I would fit right in with Stacia. Although I LOVE cute shoes, I've had such problems with plantar fasciitis since Carys was born (which I really think is all thyroid related) that I can hardly wear any shoes but tennies. Sigh!

Cynthia said...

WHAT? You broke your GOOD camera? Did I read that right? OUCH!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It is a cute dress and 50% off. YES. I still haven't attempted to learn to sew. LOL

Yes, Cindy - our GOOD camera. It seems to be working except for the flash.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Goodness, how did I miss this post way back in 2009. Stacia looked so cute in that dress and with her hais curled. All Your girls are so cute. I'm with you, Stacia and anyelse who does not like to wear shoes. Remember how hard that was in Liberia and the Philippines? love/prayers - Mom T.

Anonymous said...

OH! The picture of your roses is esquisite. Would like a copy of that if you can ever sent it to me. The shading is awesome. love/prayers - Mom T.