Monday, April 06, 2009

Saturday Recap

I was looking forward to a relaxing day after the pace of Inspection prep the past month. We had chapel clean up. HOWEVER, when we got there (about 45 min after start time) they were done. ::snort::

Mike and I went out for lunch.

We had a family meeting and came up with lists....

We worked. Trimmed trees, hauled lumber to friends, picked up moving boxes...



I got February's photos edited and uploaded to Shutterfly for The Moms. (Hey Mom, they've shipped). I also began work on March's photos.

Mike bought a player to transfer videos to DVD's.

Mike and the kids went to a local nursery and ordered pallets of sod. I believe we are going to sod the back and seed the front? I'm not sure.

Arielle and I got 16 more pages of photos safely secured.

We had dinner out in the yard and played. (This is the camera settings I've been playing with...before I dropped the camera....).

This is a game of Dodge Ball that they play on the trampoline. You jump, others throw balls and various things at you.....Jared caught it and began to perform.






Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

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Anonymous said...

So much to do for an overseas move, huh!!

I was smiling....we "have meetings" and "make lists," too!