Monday, April 06, 2009

Timeline of a PCS

The next medical review board is 14 April.

Sometime after that we should have written orders. Since I've already gone and collected any record they could possibly ask for, I expect this will go quickly.

Then we can schedule packers, contact housing at Misawa, and such.

Mike is in charge of a Holocaust Remembrance on base in April. He projects we'll be packing out of our home the last week in April as he can't concentrate on being a good host and scheduler while also concentrating on all that goes on when packers show up.

THEN we can get painters into the home...and lay new carpet. It will be a miracle if the house sells before we leave TX...but God could do it. If God chooses not to do it, we plan to give Josiah the Power of Attorney to either sell it or rent it. (Cheap college money, son? ::snort::)

We HAVE been given permission to fly out of Seattle - which sure beats flying out of LA or Dallas. We love the Air Force and our local team are really an amazing group of people. They do the best they can for families.

We plan to leave TX 1 June. We plan to drop Beatrix off at her new home, spend a week with Mike's parents, a week with my parents and drop Krista and Jamin at college, somewhere catch Bre (I think Mike's itinerary overlooked Spokane!!!), drive to Seattle and fly to Anchorage on 21 June. THEN fly back to Seattle and leave the country on 4 or 5 July. Why Anchorage? Well, we WOULD like to continue receiving our PFD $ if we can.... but we also feel the need to have some time to relax after many emotional goodbyes and regroup before flying to Japan.

Cy is considering taking a few days off and meeting us in Seattle to say goodbye..oops tearing up...not going to think about this anymore today. ::sniff::

{PCS - Permanent Change of Station; move}

Choosing Joy!
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Cynthia said...


Anonymous said...

Sis: Dad/I can feel the tears... Looking forward to the week you will be here. Not to sure we won't be in Seattle too if Dad can handle it. Nice time to visit A. Virgina's kids.... at least to say hello.

praying for you all, Mom T.

Lois said...

Oh!!!! Where is Beatrix's new home? I'm glad you found a place for her.

Renee said...

I pray you're able to get a late April packout date with such late orders.... will your transportation office "pencil you in" with a Request for Orders???

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Lois - Bea the wonder dog is moving to Idaho. I need to blog about that.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Glad to hear that you've found a new home for Beatrix. Maybe they can send you lots of pictures, or start a Beatrix the dog blog!