Saturday, August 15, 2009

2nd Saturday in Misawa

Hmmm.....I know we did SOMETHING because I'm tired.

Mike and Jared went to a PMOC bowling event.

I worked out. I discovered wifi in the fitness room - a fact that the employees were shocked to discover. ::snort::

We went to the commissary so I could buy things for two chapel events and a birthday cake....and Mike bought candles, gift bags. muffin pan....headed back to our TLF to store food.

We headed off base to some rental offices. We've been told over and over that houses aren't available...but we keep trying. Today we were told that big houses are passed to the next person moving in to fill the one leaving...they come in to give their notice, and give the name of the person replacing them so the houses rarely get on the market. I sure wish that the chaplain who left had done that for us. ::snort::

We looked for cars at a car lot off base. We're still looking for a second car.

We drove to the North side and noted all the vacant, renovated units. We stopped at the "Officer Tower". I stopped a woman in the parking lot and asked if I could ask questions. She was helpful....then invited me in to see her apartment. All the apartments in the Officer Tower are 3 bedroom so I'm guessing if they offer us apartments that's what they'll be. Unless ::snort:: they decide we CAN live in enlisted Towers just not enlisted HOUSES. ::snort:: We had heard that you can't get Internet on the North Side. I was told the new high speed Internet is great on the North Side. I have now talked to two residents. They both said it was terrible before...but since the change to Verizon is fine. In fact, I talked to a lady who routinely uses Skype from the North Side. This alleviated my fears. I can live in a box, if I have reliable Internet. ::snort:: The apartment is quite nice and two would be great..... Here are the floor plans for the 3 bdr Towers (page 6,7)....if they give us two we'd have more space than we can fill....well - maybe we could as we don't have an attic or a garage now...though most that stuff was left stateside in storage. Windy, I thought you might enjoy the floor plans...if you scroll through these you can find the plans for most base housing.

The lady talked to me for about an hour about all the things they love on the North Side. They are DOD teachers....and really into evolution....I steered clear of mentioning that Mike is a chaplain and we homeschool. ::snort:: The principal of the high school is in a modified Tower Unit on main base....hmmm.... If they don't offer a modified unit, Mike is going to push hard for them to turn one of the vacant 4 plexes into FGO - the problem is not going to go away.

We DID find out that these towers are slated to be renovated in 2 years. That means that we'll have to move out in 2 sure why housing would forget to tell us that...sooooo...we're encouraged but still have many questions. ::snort::

We came home, celebrated Stacia's 4th birthday...Mike is at the office....the kids are watching a movie and going to bed....full day.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

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Renee said...

Wait a minute.. they have units available for teachers and the principal but not for their #1 customer - active duty military??? Keep pushing Mike

Liz in OK said...

More room than you could fill would be VERY helpful. Would it be two of these 3br side by side with a door knocked in them somewhere? That would be weird but workable. Have you done that before?

Still praying that something will break out of this logjam - great & soon!

Cynthia said...

UGH... I can't imagine house hunting in a foreign country.

Janette said...

Mike- Dodds teachers have standing as a field grade officer for housing in remote sites:>)
Don't worry- it will come together soon. I agree that it is too bad that the last chaplian did not leave your name on a house.
Do they have "apartment finders" there? You pay someone to find the apartment (house) and suddenly the entire world opens up.

Janette said...

Sorry- Renee- not Mike:>) on the housing issue

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Our GS are allowed 5 years in housing and are treated on a scale according to their GS level matching various military ranks.

BUT if they KNOW there is a shortage of FGO housing, they should turn a few of the vacant CGO/Enlisted into FGO.....that's our take one of the vacant 4 plexes....give us one or two and find two or three others on the waiting list to join us. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, LIz, it would be two apartments side by side that mirror each other....the door would probably be in the living room to the next living room....yes a bit strange...but doable. ::snort:: We are currently in two adjoining TLFs so it would be similar to when you occupy adjoining hotel rooms. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Janette....apparently we can only deal with ones "on the list" and they aren't helpful at this point...maybe earlier in the year. LOL

We had thought we'd take whatever and search for a bigger house in the spring when all are moving....but with the new policy going into effect on 1 sept we won't be able to look for houses off base after 1 Sept.

Anonymous said...


l/p --- Mom T

Anonymous said...


Interesting floor plans. To much room would be real nice during winter months when you needed to stretch a bit.

praying about your housing.

love/prayers --- Mom T

Anonymous said...


Your 2G's T think you are the cutest princess we have seen in quite a few years. Love your pink grown up shoes and the foto of you with the princess mirror. What a pretty young girl you are. Miss you a lot.

love/prayers --- your 2 G's T.

Romany said...


W is having trouble reading your blog at the moment due to some weird problem with her internet. I will print off the plans and take them when we see them (for the last time) on Sunday. {sniff!}